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Gaussian Classical-Quantum Channels: Gain from Entanglement-Assistance   [View Abstract]
A. S. Holevo
pp. 1–14

On the Weakest Resource for Coordination in Arbitrarily Varying Multiple Access Channels with Conferencing Encoders   [View Abstract]
M. Wiese and H. Boche
pp. 15–26

Bounds on the Rate of Disjunctive Codes   [View Abstract]
A. G. D'yachkov, I. V. Vorob'ev, N. A. Polyansky, and V. Yu. Shchukin
pp. 27–56

Zero-One Law for Random Distance Graphs with Vertices in $\{-1,0,1\}^n$   [View Abstract]
S. N. Popova
pp. 57–78

On the Rank of Incidence Matrices for Points and Lines of Finite Affine and Projective Geometries over a Field of Four Elements   [View Abstract]
M. E. Kovalenko and T. A. Urbanovich
pp. 79–89

Distribution of $r$-Tuples in One Class of Uniformly Distributed Sequences over Residue Rings   [View Abstract]
O. V. Kamlovskii
pp. 90–105

Conditions for a Product-Form Stationary Distribution of One Queueing System with Batch Transfers and a Disaster Flow   [View Abstract]
A. N. Starovoitov
pp. 106–116