A translation of Problemy Peredachi Informatsii

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Academician Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Kharkevich
E. L. Blokh, A. Yu. Ishlinskii, I. A. Ovseevich, and B. N. Petrov
pp. 1–9

On the Asymptotic Behavior of the Transmission Capacity of Some Communication Channels   [View Abstract]
V. V. Prelov
pp. 10–21

Asynchronous Channels with Synchrosymbols   [View Abstract]
B. S. Tsybakov
pp. 22–28

Shadows of Fuzzy Sets   [View Abstract]
L. A. Zadeh
pp. 29–34

The Transmission Rate for Certain Quantum Communications Channels   [View Abstract]
R. L. Stratonovich
pp. 35–44

On the Signal/Noise Ratio for a Channel with Additive Thermal Noise   [View Abstract]
V. L. Stefanyuk
pp. 45–52

Simulation of a Self-Reproducing System on a Universal Automaton   [View Abstract]
Yu. P. Ofman
pp. 53–56

Classification of Switching Functions in the Synthesis of Majority-Element Circuits   [View Abstract]
N. N. Nemshilov
pp. 57–62

The Determination of Correlation Properties of Discrete Communication Signals at the Output of a Communication Channel with Random Variation of Parameters   [View Abstract]
A. S. Kotousov
pp. 63–69

The Correlation Between the Properties of a Binary Group Code and Those of its Null Space   [View Abstract]
V. I. Korzhik
pp. 70–74

Asymptotic Behavior of the Maximum of the Weight of a Finite Tree   [View Abstract]
V. S. Grinberg and A. D. Korshunov
pp. 75–78

Transformation of the Time Parameters of Signals in Discrete Asynchronous Automata   [View Abstract]
V. N. Roginskii
pp. 79–82

Algorithm Determining the Maximum of a Logical Function   [View Abstract]
V. F. D'yachenko
pp. 83–85

Remark on Increased Network Reliability Using Varying Dependence of Values of a Boolean Function on the Different Arguments   [View Abstract]
Sh. E. Bozoyan
pp. 86–88