A translation of Problemy Peredachi Informatsii

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Codes with Generalized Majority Decoding and Convolutional Codes   [View Abstract]
S. D. Berman and A. B. Yudanina
pp. 1–12

Transmission Capacity with Zero Error and Erasure   [View Abstract]
M. S. Pinsker and A. Yu. Sheverdyaev
pp. 13–17

Error Probability in Transmission over a Gaussian Channel with Noiseless Feedback   [View Abstract]
Nguyen Dang Te
pp. 18–25

Asymptotic Error Probability for Transmission over a Channel with White Gaussian Noise and Instantaneous Noiseless Feedback   [View Abstract]
A. G. D'yachkov
pp. 26–36

On the Theory of Cyclic Arithmetic Codes   [View Abstract]
Yu. G. Dadaev
pp. 37–42

The Adaptive Bayes Procedure   [View Abstract]
Ya. Z. Tsypkin and G. K. Kel'mans
pp. 43–49

Use of Equidistant Codes for State Assignment in an Automaton   [View Abstract]
N. K. Nemsadze
pp. 50–60

Invariant Measures of Certain Markov Operators Describing a Homogeneous Random Medium   [View Abstract]
L. N. Vasershtein and A. M. Leontovich
pp. 61–69

The Stability of Stochastic Difference Systems   [View Abstract]
V. M. Konstantinov
pp. 70–75

A Single-Channel Queueing System with Limited Queueing, Several Input Flows, and Arbitrary Servicing Time   [View Abstract]
D. G. Mikhalev
pp. 76–84

Some Properties of Infinite Prefix Codes   [View Abstract]
Al. A. Markov
pp. 85–87

The Distribution of the Largest Values in the Realization of Random Processes with Discrete Time   [View Abstract]
Ya. A. Fomin
pp. 88–92