A translation of Problemy Peredachi Informatsii

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On Message Transmission over a Discrete Channel with Noiseless Feedback   [View Abstract]
B. D. Kudryashov
pp. 1–9

Relationship between Shannon and Fisher Information in a Diffusion Process   [View Abstract]
A. F. Taraskin
pp. 9–18

Channel Capacity with a Constraint on the Smoothness of the Transmitted Signal   [View Abstract]
I. A. Ibragimov and R. Z. Khas'minskii
pp. 18–26

Iterative Arithmetic Independent-Error-Correcting Codes   [View Abstract]
I. M. Boyarinov and G. A. Kabatyanskii
pp. 27–36

Complexity of Constructing Codes with Specified Correction Properties   [View Abstract]
V. Yu. Krachkovskii
pp. 36–41

On Estimation of the Mean in a Multivariate Normal Population with Discontinuous a priori Density   [View Abstract]
E. K. Trishchenko
pp. 42–45

Asymptotic Approach to the Investigation of Message Switching Networks of Linear Structure with a Large Number of Nodes   [View Abstract]
R. L. Dobrushin and V. V. Prelov
pp. 46–55

Stochastic Model of Self-assembly of Segments with Breaks   [View Abstract]
M. L. Tai
pp. 56–64

On Quasiinvariant Distributions on Uniform Arrays   [View Abstract]
M. G. Shnirman
pp. 64–68

Long-Lived States of Finite Systems   [View Abstract]
A. N. Chetaev
pp. 68–74

On One Class of Grammars with Broken Context Conditions for Employing Productions   [View Abstract]
B. E. Kats
pp. 75–79

On One Class of Queuing Systems   [View Abstract]
M. Ya. Kel'bert, A. Ya. Kreinin, and S. A. Troitskii
pp. 80–81

The 75th Birthday of Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Kharkevich
pp. 82–83