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Zero-Error Capacity of Continuous Memoryless Channels with a Small Input Signal   [View Abstract]
L. A. Bassalygo and V. V. Prelov
pp. 1–9

Study of the Second-Order Properties of the Estimates of the Signal Parameter in White Gaussian Noise. Estimate of Maximum a posteriori Density   [View Abstract]
M. V. Burnashev
pp. 10–18

Sequential Testing of Composite Hypotheses with Dependent Nonstationary Observations   [View Abstract]
A. G. Tartakovskii
pp. 18–28

Recognition of Normal Sets with Unknown and Different Means and Variances   [View Abstract]
Ya. A. Fomin and G. R. Tarlovskii
pp. 28–32

Error Bounds for the Method of Minimization of Empirical Risk   [View Abstract]
A. B. Tsybakov
pp. 33–42

On Consistency of Bayesian Parameter Estimation   [View Abstract]
A. I. Yashin
pp. 42–49

Stationary Distributions of Time-Homogeneous Markov Processes Modeling Message-Switching Communication Networks   [View Abstract]
A. N. Rybko
pp. 49–63

Upper Bound for the Capacity of a Random Multiple Access System   [View Abstract]
V. A. Mikhailov and B. S. Tsybakov
pp. 63–67

Asymptotic Analysis of a Class of Channel-Switching Networks   [View Abstract]
G. I. Falin
pp. 67–71

To the Analysis of Self-Assembly Processes with Interacting Bonds   [View Abstract]
M. L. Tai
pp. 72–76

(available in Russian only)

Lower Bound on the Complexity of Discrimination of Two Statistical Hypotheses   [View Abstract]
K. Sh. Zigangirov
pp. 108–112 (Russian issue)