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Conditions for Coincidence of the Classical Capacity and Entanglement-Assisted Capacity of a Quantum Channel   [View Abstract]
M. E. Shirokov
pp. 85–101

Steiner Triple Systems $S(2^m-1,3,2)$ of Rank $2^m-m+1$ over $\mathbb{F}_2$   [View Abstract]
V. A. Zinoviev and D. V. Zinoviev
pp. 102–126

On Frequency Estimation for a Periodic Ergodic Diffusion Process   [View Abstract]
R. Höpfner and Yu. A. Kutoyants
pp. 127–141

Sequential Estimation of a Threshold Crossing Time for a Gaussian Random Walk through Correlated Observations   [View Abstract]
M. V. Burnashev and A. Tchamkerten
pp. 142–153

Toom’s Partial Order Is Transitive   [View Abstract]
M. A. Raskin
pp. 154–172

Finding One of $D$ Defective Elements in Some Group Testing Models   [View Abstract]
R. Ahlswede, C. Deppe, and V. S. Lebedev
pp. 173–181

Proof of One Inequality in Identification Theory   [View Abstract]
V. M. Blinovsky
pp. 182–184

Geometric Relationship between Parallel Hyperplanes, Quadrics, and Vertices of a Hypercube   [View Abstract]
K. Yu. Gorbunov, A. V. Seliverstov, and V. A. Lyubetsky
pp. 185–192

Reconstruction of Cyclic Words from Their Fragments   [View Abstract]
V. K. Leont'ev
pp. 193–197