A translation of Problemy Peredachi Informatsii

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On Multipartite Superactivation of Quantum Channel Capacities   [View Abstract]
M. E. Shirokov
pp. 87–102

Information-Geometric Equivalence of Transportation Polytopes   [View Abstract]
M. Kovačević, I. Stanojević, and V. Šenk
pp. 103–109

Almost Disjunctive List-Decoding Codes   [View Abstract]
A. G. D'yachkov, I. V. Vorob'ev, N. A. Polyansky, and V. Yu. Shchukin
pp. 110–131

On Error Correction with Errors in Both the Channel and Syndrome   [View Abstract]
S. G. Vlǎduţ, G. A. Kabatiansky, and V. V. Lomakov
pp. 132–138

On Separability of the Classes of Homogeneous and Transitive Perfect Binary Codes   [View Abstract]
I. Yu. Mogilnykh and F. I. Solov'eva
pp. 139–147

On Limit Distributions of the Time of First Passage over a High Level   [View Abstract]
M. V. Burnashev and G. K. Golubev
pp. 148–164

Independence Numbers and Chromatic Numbers of Some Distance Graphs   [View Abstract]
A. V. Bobu, O. A. Kostina, and A. E. Kupriyanov
pp. 165–176

One-Armed Bandit Problem for Parallel Data Processing Systems   [View Abstract]
A. V. Kolnogorov
pp. 177–191

Coupling of Probability Distributions and an Extremal Problem for the Divergence   [View Abstract]
V. V. Prelov
pp. 192–199

On the Source-Channel Separation Theorem for Infinite Source Alphabets   [View Abstract]
A. Aghajan, S. J. Zahabi, M. Khosravifard, and T. A. Gulliver
pp. 200–204