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Entropy of a Stationary Process and Entropy of a Shift Transformation in Its Sample Space   [View Abstract]
B. M. Gurevich
pp. 103–113

Generalized Error-Locating Codes with Component Codes over the Same Alphabet   [View Abstract]
I. V. Zhilin and V. V. Zyablov
pp. 114–135

MDS Codes in Doob Graphs   [View Abstract]
E. A. Bespalov and D. S. Krotov
pp. 136–154

Fast Discrete Fourier Transform on Local Fields of Positive Characteristic   [View Abstract]
S. F. Lukomskii and A. M. Vodolazov
pp. 155–163

Spaceability for Sets of Bandlimited Input Functions and Stable Linear Time-Invariant Systems with Finite Time Blowup Behavior   [View Abstract]
H. Boche and U. J. Mönich
pp. 164–182

Fast Protocols for Leader Election and Spanning Tree Construction in a Distributed Network   [View Abstract]
M. N. Vyalyi and I. M. Khuziev
pp. 183–201