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Minimax Theorems for Finite Blocklength Lossy Joint Source-Channel Coding over an Arbitrarily Varying Channel   [View Abstract]
A. S. Vora and A. A. Kulkarni
pp. 99–128

Coding in a Z-Channel in Case of Many Errors   [View Abstract]
V. S. Lebedev and N. A. Polyanskii
pp. 129–135

Bounds on Borsuk Numbers in Distance Graphs of a Special Type   [View Abstract]
A. V. Berdnikov and A. M. Raigorodskii
pp. 136–142

Counting the Number of Perfect Matchings, and Generalized Decision Trees   [View Abstract]
M. N. Vyalyi
pp. 143–160

Limit Theorems for the Maximal Path Weight in a Directed Graph on the Line with Random Weights of Edges   [View Abstract]
T. Konstantopoulos, A. V. Logachov, A. A. Mogulskii, and S. G. Foss
pp. 161–177

Separable Collusion-Secure Multimedia Codes   [View Abstract]
E. E. Egorova and G. A. Kabatiansky
pp. 178–198