A translation of Problemy Peredachi Informatsii

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Some Cyclic Codes and a Scheme for Decoding by a Majority of Tests   [View Abstract]
V. D. Kolesnik and E. T. Mironchikov
pp. 1–11

Evaluation of $\varepsilon$-Entropy of Random Variables for Small $\varepsilon$   [View Abstract]
Yu. N. Lin'kov
pp. 12–18

A Method for Increasing the Reliability of Finite Automata   [View Abstract]
Yu. L. Sagalovich
pp. 19–25

Asymptotic Properties of the Behavior of Elementary Automata in a Game   [View Abstract]
V. A. Volkonskii
pp. 26–39

Some Examples of Simulation of the Collective Behavior of Automata   [View Abstract]
S. L. Ginzburg and M. L. Tsetlin
pp. 40–46

On the Synthesis of Microprogram Automata   [View Abstract]
V. G. Lazarev
pp. 47–59

A Method for Assigning the Internal States of Asynchronous Finite Automata with Pulse-Potential Memory Elements   [View Abstract]
E. I. Peil
pp. 60–65

Some Qualitative Investigations of Partial Access Circuits   [View Abstract]
Ya. Ya. Sedol and M. A. Shneps
pp. 66–71

Optimal Connecting Structures in Information Systems   [View Abstract]
V. V. Kiryukhin
pp. 72–76

On the Quantity of Information Processed by a Nonlinear System with Internal Noise   [View Abstract]
A. V. Skorokhod
pp. 77–83

A Topological Estimate of the Memory Capacity of a Multicycle Circuit   [View Abstract]
S. V. Makarov
pp. 83–86