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Coding Theorems for Classes of Arbitrarily Varying Discrete Memoryless Channels   [View Abstract]
R. L. Dobrushin and S. Z. Stambler
pp. 97–112

Lower Bound for the Error Probability of Multiple-Access Channels   [View Abstract]
E. A. Haroutunian
pp. 113–123

Approximation of $L_2(\omega_1,\omega_2)$ Functions by Minimum-Energy Transfer Functions of Linear Systems   [View Abstract]
M. G. Krein and P. Ya. Nudel'man
pp. 124–142

Asymptotic Behavior of the Power of a Homogeneous Gaussian Field   [View Abstract]
I. Yu. Linnik
pp. 143–148

Convergence of Recursive Estimates of the Zero of an Unknown Function   [View Abstract]
M. B. Nevel'son
pp. 149–162

Optimal Nonlinear Extrapolation, Filtering, and Interpolation of Functions of Gaussian Processes   [View Abstract]
N. P. Zabotina
pp. 163–171

On Certain Forney Bounds   [View Abstract]
L. F. Gorshkov
pp. 172–173

General Solution of the Signal Sampling Problem   [View Abstract]
E. I. Krupitskii
pp. 174–179


Note on the Article “Estimation of the Mean in a Normal Set”
I. A. Ibragimov and R. Z. Khas'minskii
pp. 179–180