A translation of Problemy Peredachi Informatsii

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Asymptotic Behavior of the Capacity of a Continuous Channel with Large Smooth Noise   [View Abstract]
V. V. Prelov
pp. 81–92

Lower Bound for Ensemble-Average Error Probability for a Discrete Memoryless Channel   [View Abstract]
A. G. D'yachkov
pp. 93–98

Bounds on Volume of Linear Codes with Unequal Information-Symbol Protection   [View Abstract]
G. L. Katsman
pp. 99–105

Distribution of Weights of Irreducible Cyclic Codes and Strongly Regular Graphs   [View Abstract]
S. M. Dodunekov and V. I. Yorgov
pp. 105–110

On Error Burst Correction Using Binomial Codes   [View Abstract]
G. L. Tauglikh
pp. 111–120

Optimal Filtering of Square-Integrable Signals in Gaussian Noise   [View Abstract]
M. S. Pinsker
pp. 120–133

Resolution of a Conflict of Known Multiplicity   [View Abstract]
B. S. Tsybakov
pp. 134–144

Switching Systems with Allowance for Repeated Calls   [View Abstract]
G. I. Falin
pp. 145–151

Convergence to Equilibrium in a Polylocus Polyallele Population with Additive Selection   [View Abstract]
L. A. Kun and Yu. I. Lyubich
pp. 152–161

(available in Russian only)

On a Construction of Linear Codes with Unequal Protection of Information Symbols   [View Abstract]
I. M. Boyarinov
pp. 103–107 (Russian issue)

Capacity of an Arbitrary Channel with Defects   [View Abstract]
S. I. Gelfand and M. S. Pinsker
pp. 108–109 (Russian issue)