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Capacity of the Arbitrarily Varying Channel under List Decoding   [View Abstract]
V. M. Blinovsky, P. Narayan, and M. S. Pinsker
pp. 99–113

Multi-Alphabet Universal Coding of Memoryless Sources   [View Abstract]
Yu. M. Shtarkov, Tj. J. Tjalkens, and F. M. J. Willems
pp. 114–127

On the Decoding of Some Exceptional Ternary Codes   [View Abstract]
S. M. Dodunekov and J. E. M. Nilsson
pp. 128–134

Bounded Minimum Distance Decoding of (P)UM Codes Based on RS Codes   [View Abstract]
U. Dettmar and U. K. Sorger
pp. 135–142

Decoding by Generalized Information Sets   [View Abstract]
E. A. Kruk and S. V. Fedorenko
pp. 143–149

Construction of a Constant-Weight Code of Weight 2 Correcting One Localized Error   [View Abstract]
V. S. Lebedev
pp. 150–153

On the Construction of Trellis Codes Based on (P)UM Codes over $\mathbb{Z}_4$   [View Abstract]
R. Kötter, U. Dettmar, and U. K. Sorger
pp. 154–161

Asymptotically Optimal Binary Codes of Polynomial Complexity Correcting Localized Errors   [View Abstract]
R. Ahlswede, L. A. Bassalygo, and M. S. Pinsker
pp. 162–168

Nonbinary Convolutional Coding in Channels with Jamming   [View Abstract]
K. Sh. Zigangirov, S. A. Popov, and V. V. Chepyzhov
pp. 169–183

A Random Multiple Access Algorithm with Finite Stack and Packet Loss   [View Abstract]
S. P. Fedortsov and N. A. Ryleeva
pp. 184–193