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Uniform Estimate for a Spectrum of a Linear Code   [View Abstract]
V. M. Blinovsky
pp. 187–189

Some Results Concerning the Design and Decoding of Turbo-Codes   [View Abstract]
D. V. Truhachev, M. Lentmaier, and K. Sh. Zigangirov
pp. 190–205

New Minimum Distance Bounds for Linear Codes over Small Fields   [View Abstract]
R. N. Daskalov and T. A. Gulliver
pp. 206–215

Coding of Run-Length-Limited Sequences   [View Abstract]
O. F. Kurmaev
pp. 216–225

Improving the Efficiency of the PPM Algorithm   [View Abstract]
D. A. Shkarin
pp. 226–235

Queueing Networks with Dynamic Routing and Dynamic Stochastic Bypass of Nodes   [View Abstract]
V. E. Evdokimovich and Yu. V. Malinkovskii
pp. 236–247

On a Retrial Single-Server Queueing System with Finite Buffer and Poisson Flow   [View Abstract]
P. P. Bocharov, C. D'Apice, and N. H. Phong
pp. 248–261

Methods for Reducing the Amount of Computation in Modeling Lossy Communication Systems Based on Ignoring Low-Probability States   [View Abstract]
S. N. Stepanov V. B. Iversen
pp. 262–275