A translation of Problemy Peredachi Informatsii

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Distance Approach to Window Decoding   [View Abstract]
M. Handlery, R. Johannesson, and V. V. Zyablov
pp. 169–181

A Posteriory Probability Decoding of Nonsystematically Encoded Block Codes   [View Abstract]
H. Griesser and V. R. Sidorenko
pp. 182–193

Quantum Codes and Abelian Subgroups of the Extra-Special Group   [View Abstract]
V. M. Sidelnikov
pp. 194–202

Adaptive Detection of a Stochastic Signal under Parametric a priori Uncertainty   [View Abstract]
A. P. Trifonov, A. V. Zakharov, and E. V. Pronyaev
pp. 203–217

Solving Automaton Equations with Distortions in the Automaton Transition Function   [View Abstract]
A. V. Babash
pp. 218–226

Multiplicativity of Markov Chains with Multiaddress Routing   [View Abstract]
M. Yu. Tyurikov
pp. 227–236

New Technique for Decoding Codes in the Rank Metric and Its Cryptography Applications   [View Abstract]
A. V. Ourivski and T. Johansson
pp. 237–246

On the 100th Anniversary since the Birth of Andrei Nikolaevich Kolmogorov
pp. 247–248