A translation of Problemy Peredachi Informatsii

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On the Logical Foundations of Information Theory and Probability Theory   [View Abstract]
A. N. Kolmogorov
pp. 1–4

The Condition for Informational Regularity in Stationary Gaussian Processes   [View Abstract]
I. A. Ibragimov
pp. 5–16

Conditions for Boundedness of Information on a Gaussian Process Contained in Another Process   [View Abstract]
D. S. Apokorin
pp. 17–21

Constant-Weight Codes and Tactical Configurations   [View Abstract]
N. V. Semakov and V. A. Zinoviev
pp. 22–28

Complexity of the Combinational Unit under Noise-Immune Coding of the States of an Automaton   [View Abstract]
Yu. L. Sagalovich
pp. 29–34

Local Criteria for Stable Choice of Power Level   [View Abstract]
V. L. Stefanyuk
pp. 35–46

Markov Processes over Denumerable Products of Spaces, Describing Large Systems of Automata   [View Abstract]
L. N. Vasershtein
pp. 47–52

Propagation of Errors in the Decoding of Uniform Convolutional Codes   [View Abstract]
A. L. Larin and E. M. Gabidulin
pp. 53–57

Optimum Power-Sensitive Reception in the Optical Band   [View Abstract]
A. S. Drikker and R. R. Krasovskii
pp. 57–60

One Machine Recognition Problem in Self-training   [View Abstract]
B. A. Golovkin
pp. 60–62

Alternative Choice of Structure in One Elementary Communications Network   [View Abstract]
V. V. Kiryukhin
pp. 62–64

Asymptotic Investigation of Stationary State Probability Distribution for One Class of Single-Line Queueing Systems (Without Memory)   [View Abstract]
V. A. Ivnitskii
pp. 64–71