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Asymptotic Lower Bound on the Free Distance of Constant Linear Convolutional Codes with Rate $1/n_0$   [View Abstract]
V. B. Balakirsky
pp. 181–188

Majority-Logic Decoding of Generalized Reed–Muller Codes   [View Abstract]
I. I. Grushko
pp. 189–196

Covering the Hamming Space with Sets Translated by Vectors of a Linear Code   [View Abstract]
V. M. Blinovsky
pp. 196–201

Detection of a Noisy Source Moving Relative to the Receiver, with Estimation of Its Motion Parameters   [View Abstract]
G. P. Tartakovskii
pp. 202–212

Nonparametric Estimation of the Regression Function in $L^2$   [View Abstract]
G. K. Golubev and M. Nusbaum
pp. 213–225

Second-Order Asymptotic Minimax Estimation in the Presence of a Nuisance Parameter   [View Abstract]
Z. M. Landsman and B. Ya. Levit
pp. 226–244

Random Multiple Access in a Channel with Binary “Success–No Success” Feedback   [View Abstract]
B. S. Tsybakov and A. N. Beloyarov
pp. 245–260

Asymptotic Analysis of Telegraphic Message Switching Systems   [View Abstract]
F. I. Karpelevich and A. Ya. Kreinin
pp. 261–274

Probability Distribution of the Stochastic Convolution Functional of a Normal Markov Process   [View Abstract]
Yu. P. Virchenko and A. S. Mazmanishvili
pp. 275–280

Signals with Two-Level Autocorrelation   [View Abstract]
A. L. Vishnevetskii
pp. 281–285

Spectral Density Estimators of a Periodically Correlated Stochastic Process   [View Abstract]
V. G. Alekseev
pp. 286–288