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On Some Extremal Problems for Mutual Information and Entropy   [View Abstract]
V. V. Prelov
pp. 319–328

List Decoding for a Multiple Access Hyperchannel   [View Abstract]
V. Yu. Shchukin
pp. 329–343

On Risk Concentration for Convex Combinations of Linear Estimators   [View Abstract]
G. K. Golubev
pp. 344–358

Derivation of Fast Algorithms via Binary Filtering of Signals   [View Abstract]
M. S. Bespalov, A. S. Golubev, and A. S. Pochenchuk
pp. 359–372

On Chromatic Numbers of Close-to-Kneser Distance Graphs   [View Abstract]
A. V. Bobu and A. E. Kupriyanov
pp. 373–390

A Triangular Class of Skew Maximum-Period Polynomials   [View Abstract]
S. N. Zaitsev
pp. 391–399