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Use of Defect-Correcting Codes to Restrict Access to a Broadcast Channel   [View Abstract]
A. V. Kuznetsov
pp. 217–222

Nonasymptotic Estimates for Efficiency of Code Jamming in a Wire-Tap Channel   [View Abstract]
V. I. Korzhik and V. A. Yakovlev
pp. 223–228

Bound on Admissible Transmission Rates in a Broadcast Channel with Errors in Both Components   [View Abstract]
L. A. Bassalygo
pp. 228–236

List Concatenated Decoding   [View Abstract]
V. V. Zyablov and M. S. Pinsker
pp. 236–240

Analytic Bounds for Quasioptimal Block Code Reception Methods in the Large   [View Abstract]
E. E. Nemirovskii, G. V. Romanenko, and L. G. Mikhailovskaya
pp. 240–244

Bounds for Error Probability for a Symmetrical Model in Designing Screening Experiments   [View Abstract]
A. G. Dyachkov
pp. 245–253

Generalized Concatenated Codes for Channels with Error Bursts and Independent Errors   [View Abstract]
V. A. Zinoviev
pp. 254–260

To the Optimization of Shortened Hamming Codes   [View Abstract]
A. A. Davydov, L. N. Kaplan, Yu. B. Smerkis, and G. L. Tauglikh
pp. 261–267

On Predictions under Conditions of Uncertainty   [View Abstract]
A. S. Nemirovskii
pp. 268–275

Method of Synthesizing Asymptotically Optimal Self-Correction Networks That Correct a Quasilinear Proportion of Errors   [View Abstract]
S. I. Ortyukov
pp. 276–286

Team of Automata with Universal Passability   [View Abstract]
G. L. Kurdyumov
pp. 286–297

pp. 301–304

(available in Russian only)

Additive Codes for Correction of Multiple Defects   [View Abstract]
Yu. D. Karyakin and V. V. Losev
pp. 113–115 (Russian issue)

Equidistant Codes and Equidistant Permutation Arrays   [View Abstract]
L. G. Khachatrian
pp. 116–119 (Russian issue)

On Some Properties of Q-Complexity of Finite Objects   [View Abstract]
E. Z. Dyment
pp. 119–123 (Russian issue)