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Improved Upper Bound on the Probability of Decoding Error for Codes of Complex Structure   [View Abstract]
G. Sh. Poltyrev
pp. 251–262

Spectra of Algebraic-Geometric Codes   [View Abstract]
G. L. Katsman and M. A. Tsfasman
pp. 262–275

Optimal Decoding of Convolutional Codes in Channels with Additive Markov Noise   [View Abstract]
V. I. Korzhik and Yu. P. Lopato
pp. 276–280

On Sequential Decoding of Linear Convolutional Codes   [View Abstract]
V. B. Balakirskii
pp. 281–287

Encoding of Poisson Streams with Unknown or Inaccurately Known Parameters   [View Abstract]
V. K. Trofimov
pp. 288–295

Bounds for the Number of Mappings of Graphs and for the Number of Subgraphs   [View Abstract]
A. M. Leontovich
pp. 296–311

Hybrid Switching Networks on an Infinite One-Dimensional Lattice   [View Abstract]
Yu. M. Sukhov and R. N. Shamsiev
pp. 312–322

Performance of a RMA Stack Algorithm in a Local Network   [View Abstract]
B. S. Tsybakov and S. P. Fedortsov
pp. 323–336

Optimal Choice of Structural Parameters of Satellite Communication Systems with Multistation Access   [View Abstract]
G. P. Basharin, L. A. Vigulis, and B. E. Kurenkov
pp. 337–343

Greismer Codes with Maximum Covering Radius   [View Abstract]
S. M. Dodunekov
pp. 344–346

Block Information Transmission in a Multiple Access Adder Channel with Feedback   [View Abstract]
A. Ya. Belokopytov and V. N. Luzgin
pp. 347–351

On the Designed Distance of the Best Known $(55,16,19)$ Goppa Code   [View Abstract]
S. V. Bezzateev and N. A. Shekhunova
p. 352

pp. 353–358