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Information Rates in Stationary Gaussian Channels in Weak Signal Transmission   [View Abstract]
M. S. Pinsker and V. V. Prelov
pp. 291–298

Constant-Weight Codes Correcting One Known Error   [View Abstract]
V. S. Lebedev
pp. 299–302

A New Construction of Partial Unit Memory Codes Based on Reed–Solomon Codes   [View Abstract]
U. K. Sorger
pp. 303–306

Asymptotically Optimal Codes Correcting Multiple Localized Bursts   [View Abstract]
P. Larsson
pp. 307–309

Key Distribution System Based on Exponential Representations of Linear Group $\operatorname{\it GL}_n({\Bbb F}_p)$   [View Abstract]
V. M. Sidelnikov
pp. 310–316

Asymptotic Efficiency in Estimation of a Convex Set   [View Abstract]
A. P. Korostelev and A. B. Tsybakov
pp. 317–327

Fast-Service Polling Systems with Intensive Input Flows and Constant Switch Times   [View Abstract]
F. I. Karpelevich and A. Ya. Kreinin
pp. 328–340

Average Packet Output Time For Conflict with Multiplicity 3 and Ternary Feedback   [View Abstract]
B. S. Tsybakov
pp. 341–356

Packet Delay Caused by Stack-Algorithm for Overcritical Income Flow   [View Abstract]
N. D. Vvedenskaya, P. Jacquet, and B. S. Tsybakov
pp. 357–369

The Number of Forms for Two-Dimensional Images   [View Abstract]
S. I. Stasevich
pp. 370–373

Letter to the Editor (N. P. Zabotina)
p. 374