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Codes Associated with the Linear Fractional Group   [View Abstract]
I. B. Gashkov and V. M. Sidel'nikov
pp. 1–11

List Decoding of Convolutional Codes   [View Abstract]
V. B. Balakirsky and B. D. Kudryashov
pp. 11–17

Two Decoding Algorithms for Linear Codes   [View Abstract]
I. I. Dumer
pp. 17–23

On the Straight-Line Bound for the Undetected Error Exponent   [View Abstract]
V. I. Levenshtein
pp. 24–27

Covering Radius for Long BCH Codes   [View Abstract]
S. G. Vlǎduţ and A. N. Skorobogatov
pp. 28–34

Invariance of Stationary Ergodic Distributions of Homogeneous Markov Processes under Random Interrupts   [View Abstract]
M. Ya. Postan
pp. 35–41

Asymptotic Stabilization in the Decentralized ALOHA Algorithm. Diffusion Approximation   [View Abstract]
A. A. Borovkov
pp. 42–49

Locally Interacting Processes and Communication Networks   [View Abstract]
I. A. Ignatyuk and V. A. Malyshev
pp. 50–59

A Poisson Limit Theorem for Hybrid Star Networks: the Mean Field Approximation   [View Abstract]
M. Ya. Kelbert and Yu. M. Sukhov
pp. 60–67

Randomized and Nonrandomized Algorithms of Random Multiple Access   [View Abstract]
B. S. Tsybakov
pp. 67–76

The Dimension of BCH Codes   [View Abstract]
I. E. Shparlinsky
pp. 77–80

Ergodicity of One Locally Interacting System of Automata   [View Abstract]
K. L. Vaninskii
pp. 80–84

OBITUARY. Lev Matveevich Fink
p. 85