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Decoding of Cyclic AN-Codes   [View Abstract]
V. N. Dyn'kin
pp. 83–85

Error-Detecting Encoding   [View Abstract]
V. K. Leont'ev
pp. 86–92

A Polynomial Weighted Code Correcting Multiple Group Errors   [View Abstract]
G. L. Tauglikh
pp. 93–97

Redundancy Estimates for the Literal Encoding of Messages Generated by a Bernoulli Source   [View Abstract]
G. L. Khodak
pp. 98–107

Optimum Processing of a Quantum Field in Two-Element Interferometers   [View Abstract]
A. A. Manuk'yan
pp. 108–112

Space-Time Characteristics of Variable-Parameter Linear Channels   [View Abstract]
N. E. Kirillov and V. A. Soifer
pp. 113–117

Lower Bound of Network Reliability   [View Abstract]
M. V. Lomonosov and V. P. Polesskii
pp. 118–123

A Nonorderly Multiserver Queueing Process   [View Abstract]
Yu. F. Yakushev
pp. 124–128

Calculation of the Optimum Structural Parameters of Nonblocking Connecting Networks   [View Abstract]
D. Khamraev
pp. 129–133

Comparison of Time and Traffic Estimates for the Loss Probability in a Multiserver Queueing System with Finite Waiting Space   [View Abstract]
D. G. Polyak and E. G. Belov
pp. 134–139

Estimation of the Traffic Intensity of Infinite-Server Queueing Systems   [View Abstract]
A. M. Andronov
pp. 140–145

Encoding of Target Distance Information by Honeybees   [View Abstract]
E. K. Es'kov
pp. 146–150

Density: A Measure of Derivation Complexity in a Context-Free Grammar   [View Abstract]
A. Ya. Dikovskii
pp. 151–160

Simulation of Sequential Decoding in a Symmetric Binary Channel with Memory   [View Abstract]
V. V. Ovchinnikov
pp. 161–164

Codes Constructed on the Base of $(L,g)$-Codes   [View Abstract]
V. D. Goppa
pp. 165–166

Class of Optimum Cyclic Codes with Base $p$   [View Abstract]
S. Sh. Oganesyan and V. G. Yagdzhyan
pp. 167–169

Decoding of Burst-Error-Correcting AN-Codes   [View Abstract]
I. M. Boyarinov
pp. 170–171

Estimating Signal Parameters for a Quadratic Loss Function   [View Abstract]
A. P. Trifonov
pp. 172–174

Influence of Laser Intensity Fluctuations on the Noise Immunity of a Binary Data Transmission System   [View Abstract]
V. I. Makkaveev and D. N. Morozov
pp. 175–178