A translation of Problemy Peredachi Informatsii

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Error-Free Filtering of an Entropy-Singular Signal under Independent Distortions   [View Abstract]
M. S. Pinsker and V. V. Prelov
pp. 207–209

Bounds for the E-Capacity Region of a Restricted Two-Way Channel   [View Abstract]
E. A. Haroutunian and M. E. Haroutunian
pp. 210–218

Asymptotics of the Shannon and Renyi Entropies for Sums of Independent Random Variables   [View Abstract]
A. G. D'yachkov and P. A. Vilenkin
pp. 219–232

Binary Constant-Weight Codes of Weight One Correcting Localized Errors   [View Abstract]
V. S. Lebedev
pp. 233–237

Minimal Codewords of the Primitive BCH Codes   [View Abstract]
Yu. Borissov and N. L. Manev
pp. 238–246

On Distance Regularity of Perfect Binary Codes   [View Abstract]
S. V. Avgustinovich and F. I. Solov'eva
pp. 247–249

Pairing of Finite Modules, Duality of Linear Codes, and the MacWilliams Identities   [View Abstract]
O. A. Logachev, A. A. Sal'nikov, and V. V. Yashchenko
pp. 250–258

Informativity in the Category of Multivalued Information Transformers   [View Abstract]
P. V. Golubtsov
pp. 259–276

Closed Queueing Network with Changing Number of Request Classes at Nodes   [View Abstract]
O. V. Ivnitskii
pp. 277–289