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Nonequivalent Cascaded Convolutional Codes Obtained from Equivalent Constituent Convolutional Encoders   [View Abstract]
S. Höst, R. Johannesson, and V. V. Zyablov
pp. 291–299

On Linear Hash Codes   [View Abstract]
V. Yu. Solomennikov and Yu. L. Sagalovich
pp. 300–308

Upper and Lower Bounds and Asymptotics of Optimal Filtering Error of a Stationary Process with a Small Information Rate   [View Abstract]
M. S. Pinsker and V. V. Prelov
pp. 309–321

Comparison Analysis of the Hexagonal Multilevel QAM and Rectangular Multilevel QAM   [View Abstract]
K. Engdahl and K. Sh. Zigangirov
pp. 322–331

Existence and Uniqueness Theorems for fBm Stochastic Differential Equations   [View Abstract]
M. L. Kleptsyna, P. E. Kloeden, and V. V. Anh
pp. 332–341

Fast Evaluation of the Hurwitz Zeta Function and Dirichlet L-Series   [View Abstract]
E. A. Karatsuba
pp. 342–353

Large Deviations for Random Processes with Independent Increments on Infinite Intervals   [View Abstract]
R. L. Dobrushin and E. A. Pechersky
pp. 354–384

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pp. 385–386

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