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Lower Bound for Error Probability in a Discrete Memoryless Channel with Feedback   [View Abstract]
A.Yu. Sheverdyaev
pp. 227–234

Capacity in the Case of Transmission by Smooth Surfaces in Multiparametric Gaussian White Noise   [View Abstract]
M. Nusbaum
pp. 235–244

On Methods of Code Lengthening   [View Abstract]
V. A. Zinov'ev and S. N. Litsyn
pp. 244–254

Multivariate Asymptotically Optimal Stochastic Approximation Procedure   [View Abstract]
A. M. Benderskii and M. B. Nevel'son
pp. 255–262

Sequential Parameter Estimation and Filtering of Stochastic Processes   [View Abstract]
A. G. Tartakovskii
pp. 263–272

On Minimax Filtering of Functions in $L_2$   [View Abstract]
G. K. Golubev
pp. 272–278

Upper Bound for the Delay in a Multiple-Random-Access System with a Splitting Algorithm   [View Abstract]
B. S. Tsybakov and N. B. Likhanov
pp. 279–285

Unidirectional Loop Communication Networks with Packet Switching   [View Abstract]
L. V. Andreev
pp. 285–298

Some Inequalities for a Multiphase System   [View Abstract]
A. A. Pukhal'skii
pp. 299–307

pp. 309–314

(available in Russian only)

Decay of the Dependence on an Initial State for Some Multicomponent Markov Systems   [View Abstract]
L. G. Mityushin
pp. 117–123 (Russian issue)

On the Asymptotic Expansion of the Mean Square Risk for a Bayesian Estimate   [View Abstract]
E. K. Trishchenko
pp. 123–125 (Russian issue)