A translation of Problemy Peredachi Informatsii

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On Decoding Complexity for Linear Codes   [View Abstract]
G. S. Evseev
pp. 1–6

Random-Coding Bounds for Some Broadcast Channels   [View Abstract]
G. Sh. Poltyrev
pp. 6–16

Combined Decoding Methods for Linear Codes with Unequal Protection of Information Symbols   [View Abstract]
I. M. Boyarinov
pp. 17–25

Analysis of the Efficiency of Some Controlled Search Procedures   [View Abstract]
N. A. Ivanchuk
pp. 25–33

Investigation of Monotonicity of Various Criteria of Informativeness   [View Abstract]
L. G. Malinovskii
pp. 33–39

Class of Fast Fourier Transform Algorithms for a Real Sequence   [View Abstract]
G. V. Zaitsev and N. E. Nagulin
pp. 40–49

Bounds for Packet Transmission Rate in a Random-Multiple-Access System   [View Abstract]
B. S. Tsybakov, V. A. Mikhailov, and N. B. Likhanov
pp. 50–68

Properties of Probability Characteristics of a Communications Network with Repeat Calls   [View Abstract]
S. N. Stepanov
pp. 69–76

Stable Single-Locus Polyallele Populations   [View Abstract]
L. A. Kun and L. N. Lupichev
pp. 77–85

(available in Russian only)

On Computability of the Parameter in a Bernoulli Scheme   [View Abstract]
V. V. V'yugin
pp. 100–105 (Russian issue)

Equivalence of Hierarchies of Index Grammars and Macrogrammars   [View Abstract]
A. N. Maslov
pp. 106–111 (Russian issue)