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On Minimum Attainable Mean-Square Error in Transmission of a Parameter over a Channel with White Gaussian Noise   [View Abstract]
M. V. Burnashev
pp. 247–257

Convergence Rate of Nonparametric Estimates of Maximum-Likelihood Type   [View Abstract]
A. S. Nemirovskii, B. T. Polyak, and A. B. Tsybakov
pp. 258–272

Some Problems of Bispectral Analysis of Stationary Stochastic Processes and Uniform Random Fields   [View Abstract]
V. G. Alekseev
pp. 273–278

Calculation of Distribution of Convolution of a Wiener Process   [View Abstract]
A. A. Klyachko and Yu. V. Solodyannikov
pp. 279–384

Method of Investigating the Convergence of Adaptive Filtering Algorithms Utilizing Stochastic Lyapunov Functions   [View Abstract]
O. Yu. Kul'chitskii
pp. 285–297

Classification of Random Series of Unknown Length   [View Abstract]
Yu. S. Kharin
pp. 297–307

Linear Regularity Condition for Vector Random Fields   [View Abstract]
M. G. Avetisian and R. L. Dobrushin
pp. 308–313

Improved Upper Bound for the Capacity of the Random-Access Channel   [View Abstract]
Zhen Zhang and T. Berger
pp. 313–317

Combinatorial Approach to the Biological Assembly Problem: Linear Structure   [View Abstract]
Ya. A. Smetanich and V. V. Kornilov
pp. 317–326

pp. 327–332

(available in Russian only)

Method for Determination of Statistic Values of Observations Concerning Variables Subject to Irregular Fluctuations   [View Abstract]
A. Einstein
pp. 99–100 (Russian issue)

Einstein's 1914 Work on Theory of Randomly Fluctuating Observation Series
A. M. Yaglom
pp. 101–107 (Russian issue)